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Marine Spares has evolved over the years, since 1991, to a company representing European factories which manufacture diesel engine’s critical parts.

MARINE SPARES LTD is committed to the supply of high quality and OEM traceable spare parts for Diesel Engines along with fast delivery globally with supply points in Europe and Far East (Singapore).
Through MIBA Austria, who has been manufacturing high end engine bearings for most Diesel Engine Builders, we can supply MIBA Bearings worldwide.
Through SKV GROUP we can provide a high quality spare parts service for marine diesel engines from their plants in Scotland and Spain. SKV’s combination of expertise and a broad product range will meet every demand you may have.
Through TWINCO PTE LTD, stocker of quality OEM products manufactured by world-renowned European Makers for the aftermarket in the Asia Pacific region, we can provide OEM parts for large diesel engine spare parts in Asia, serving the Marine, Power Plant, and Locomotive industries.
Through SEPFLUTECH GmbH, apart from standard systems like Bilge water separator, Fuel- and Oil Treatment systems etc. which can be integrated in existing applications, we can offer customized solutions in the field of filtration and separation of liquids.
Through THAMES DIESEL who is specializing in fuel injection, we can supply any marine and industrial equipment and spares, diesel engines, compressors, pumps, separators, purifiers, electrical and control equipment made in the U.K.

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OEM Traceable Spare Parts, 24/7, fast delivery: Ex Austria, Ex Bilbao, Spain, Ex Hamburg, Germany, Ex Singapore, Ex U.K.



We offer solutions with Critical parts and consumables available ex stock

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You can contact us after normal office hours via e-mail, what’s up, LinkedIn and mobile phone
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SKV GROUP Spain, Ex Bilbao
TWINCO PTE LTD, ex Singapore
SEPFLUTECH GmbH ex Hamburg, Germany

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