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SKV Group - 150 years providing support to marine engines worldwide

SKV Group

150 years and still improving!
We don’t sell spare parts we help to solve problems

The SKV GROUP is comprised of 3 companies:

· Skandiaverken Ltd , formerly John G. Kincaid & Co. Ltd, located in Scotland
· Skandiaverken SL , formerly Contrucciones Echevarria SA, located in Spain
· Skandiaverken AB,  The history of the SKV Group goes back to engine manufacturers in the second half of the 19th century. Since then, we have built more than 3.000 diesel engines, of both 2 and 4 strokes, produced under official license from the major engines manufacturers. The vast experience we have gained from this has made us unique in our industry, with the ability to supply high quality spare parts to a wide range of engines. Holding a vast stock, over 6,0 million of USD, in our central arehouse located adjacent to Bilbao International Airport and Harbour ensures that we can meet customer urgent requirements without delay.

SKV stock is constantly reviewed with new products being added regularly. At the same time, our fully integrated stock control system ensures that we have complete control over cost and availability.

Technical part

Combining a century long experience of three Engine factories that resulted in building more than 3.000 engines. SKV GROUP can provide high quality spare parts to a wide range of engines. SKV GROUP is Official YANMAR Large and Commercial Marine Engines Distributor – Service Center.

2 -STROKE SPARES for engine type MAN B&W

· S50MC-C, S60MC-C, S70MC-C, S50MC, S60MC, S70MC, S80MC/-E
· L50MC, L60MC, L70MC, L70MC-C, L80MC/-E
· +K/GF/GFC/GFCA engines

for engine type MAN B&W

· 400-24 & 400-26
· Series 23
· Series 23/30
· Series 28
· Series 28/32
· Series 27/38

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